Spanish for Police Officers (& Law Enforcement)


Get started with our language program. It’s a vital tool for anyone who works in a Spanish-Speaking-Environment; Make your communication clear and be safe in your area. These lessons are designed with law enforcement in mind, we have considered your difficulties and specific situations you encounter.

  • You’ll be able to give Clear and Strong Commands.
  • Learn how to instruct those in regards to safety.
  • Learn Spanish regarding Traffic Issues, Drugs & Alcohol, … Emergency situations etc.
  • Also, Recognize Slang, Swearing, Cursing in Spanish.

** (You’ll be more Aware in your Environment) **

Includes: Essential words and phrases for Law Enforcement, Handy words, Handy phrases, Job commands, Alert signs , Safety, General , Traffic issues, Emergencies, Drugs and Alcohol.

*Bonus Lessons: Review of some basics such as Days of the Week, Months, Time, Questions, Clothes, Colors, Numbers, etc.

  • 15 lessons + ebook
  • 950 Words and Phrases
  • 100 min. of learning time

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