Q:  What is the product and what does it include?
A:  A language learning system that includes our video-flash-card series and the accompanying MP audio + ebook documentation.

Q:  Why do you offer both Digital Download and CD’s package?
A:  Some customers want the convenience of being able to download our product ASAP… CD’s package is sold through Amazon.

Q:  How many files do I get?
A:  You will receive 22 lesson, 22 Video files + 22 Audio files + E-book Docs 69 Total(Bulgarian, Estonian & Romanian  20 Video files + 20 Audio files + E-book 63 Total)

Q:  How do I Pay?
A:  Purchase with a Credit Card or Paypal Account directly from our website. Shortly after your purchase, you will receive an Email Receipt that will contain a User Id and Password (please check Bulk Email also). This will give you Access to your New Language Files, then save the files to your computer and Burn a CD for your archive.
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